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' Bout the Captain

The Bloody Brigade

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Captain Thomas Easley, the most famous pirate you've never heard of, and his wife, Grace O'Patrick, hail from McKinney, TX and are members of The Bloody Brigade pirate krewe.  With the rest of the Brigade being based on the eastern seaboard, the Captain and Grace head east to join the rest of their krewe at as many pirate gatherings as possible.  While Captain Easley loves the adventure of acquisitions, his heart really lays with putting smiles on the faces of children, engaging those with special needs and jumping in to help out animals in need. That is why 10% of our profits go to Autism Speaks, St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Collin County Animal Shelter.

Follow the Captain on TikTok, Instagram and on our Facebook page to see the Captain's antics when not at live events and to find out where his next appearance will be. 

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